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Latitude 64

Royal Grand Honor - Tristan Tanner

Royal Grand Honor - Tristan Tanner

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Honor is a speedy fairway driver made for control shots. It has good glide, and the right amount of overstability to earn your trust, but still give you great distance off the tee. Try it, it would be our honor!

Tristan Tanner about the Honor:
"This is a really good 9 speed driver that is slightly overstable, I think for amateur players it's going to be really good for hyzer dumping shots with glide and distance. This has more distance than the Pioneer, I can stretch it out to 500 ft and control it up to 400 ft. It's like a Pioneer with a Glory type rim, it almost feels like a slower Rive, a similar flight pattern to that. That was my team series last year, I have been throwing this more than I expected really. It's really filling a spot that I did not know I was missing. So I have been throwing this a little bit more than my Rive. A little more control with my fan grip that I prefer to throw with 13 speed drivers."

This is a specialized fundraiser disc and proceeds from the sale will benefit Tristan Tanner.
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