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Trash Panda

Premium Dune

Premium Dune

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The Dune is a neutral to understable premium midrange made from 100% recycled plastic. For most it will fly dead straight or with a reliable hyzer flip – perfect for those new to throwing flat and straight or even those working on their ability to throw smooth.

As we like to say, it’s basically “the Inner Core of mids”  Made intentionally and responsibly for everyone, the Dune is good for your game, and great for the planet ♻️ 

The Dune was created under the ideas "Little by little a little becomes a lot" and "it's not about someone doing everything, it's about everyone doing something"

The Dune was created by Trash Panda in collaboration with fans, the YouTube community, and many people along the way tring to make a difference in the world by creating a perfect midrange. This disc is designed to be used for every shot. It's a straight flying, glidey, dependable workhorse. Anyone can throw and love this disc. 

Grow the sport sustainably!

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